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The most difficult thing that we do at Lake Murray Animal Hospital is to help people with the end of their pet’s life. We have experienced the loss of a friend both personally and through our patients. We understand that this grief can be devastating.

There are times when a patient is suffering and there is no real chance of recovery. In this circumstance humane euthanasia may be warranted. This is always a difficult and deeply personal choice. We will always respect your judgment with regard to this decision.

Lazy Brown Dog

Should this need arise, please understand that the process is fast and painless. Some people choose to be with their pet during the euthanasia, and others choose to say goodbye and leave their pet in our caring hands. A paint paw print impression is available, and there is the option of a private cremation with the return of ashes.

If you are having a difficult time coping with the loss of a pet, we sponsor group counseling with a trained grief counselor. This service is available at no charge. There are also help lines which you may call to speak with someone about dealing with the loss of a pet.

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